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Katelyn Ratliff

My 5 year old benefits more than he realizes! His confidence is slowly becoming more evident and the skills he is learning to believe in himself even when things are hard is not only helping him in class, but is helping him in all aspects of life! I love how inclusive this company is and from the very first time meeting the instructors it felt as if they have known us forever. They really connect with the kids and are truly a gem to have to our community!

Rebecca Crawford

My son started at AKF when he was in 6th grade and in the past three years his confidence has SOARED! I am so grateful for not only the martial arts skills he has learned, but also the leadership, team building and the relationships he has formed with his instructors and classmates. The instructors have very high expectations for students and also know how to make the class SO. MUCH. FUN!

Francisco T

"So proud of my son. He has been working on this form since Oct. He lacked confidence and REFUSED TO try doing it on his own. It was hard to watch as a mother. I tried everything I thought was right to get him to believe in himself. We were doing tournament videos tonight after class. Tonight he decided that he was brave enough to do his form by himself. He said HE BELIEVED he knew it. This is a far from a perfect tournament video. What is captured here is a child that gained confidence in himself. These are the lessons we learn in class. Martial arts isn't about kicking ass and looking cool. It's about testing yourself, determination and overcoming obstacles. In this school you are winning by overcoming obstacles and fears. 100% Effort is winning and not perfection."